Being Different 

I remember asking myself “Nyasha, when did you realize you were different?” and it took me back to Kindergarten when a classmate told me we could no longer be friends and we could no longer share the scented Crayola markers. When I asked her why she looked down at her leg and said: “see, look, we aren’t the same color.”

I remember when my mom uprooted our families life and moved us to the “suburbs”. That was the second time I realized I was different we were the first family of color to move into the subdivision and is one of six African Americans to graduate in the 2009 High School class. I remember as the freshman my high school guidance counselor tell me I was probably only going to community college and my dreams were unrealistic. 

So, I always knew my life was going to always be “different.” It’s funny to me because as I got into my early twenties and moved to NYC, everyone says how sorry they are and they are so glad things are better now since we had a black president. Oh, but how quickly things turn awkward when I tell them things are still very much the same. 

Working in the sports industry hasn’t been the easiest for me. Although, my resume’ tells a different story. Both my parents taught me important lessons. My mother, “Nyasha you can have anything your heart desires” and my father “Baby, I didn’t have the opportunities’ you do growing up, but if you want to run a franchise/league you can do it, you’re going to do it.”

As a Christian, I knew with God everything my parents said, were possible for me and I was going to make it happen. However, being different have made things very discouraging. The worst part is when you make it to the final round of an interview and you don’t get the job and you ask for feedback and they say” Hi Nyasha, you were great, professional, and meshed well with a team, we just chose someone else who fit the company culture.” However, the company doesn’t have any “different” people there like me. So, I understood what she was saying. This isn’t a once in a blue moon time thing this happens all the time. 

I started using recruiters to find jobs because there was a time when had to ask myself “is it me?” I remember one day after another no I asked the recruiter for feedback and he reached out and they told him “everything about her was great we just chose someone else.” He then began to apologize because he started to see although I’m great, educated, and have the experience I am always going to be different.”

I understand my reality. I’m different. But, my God chose me to be different. I want to be an influencer for women and all those who are to different. I accept the no’s defeats, hurtful words and feedback so I can be an example for those who feel like they are too different for this industry. I want to be in a place to change people’s mind on us, that are different. I want them to give us an honest fair chance in this industry. 

I understand that when you first meet me you may be a bit intimidated by me and don’t be afraid. I just have a passion for this. I am hungry for this, I love this industry, I have big dreams that God had placed on my heart and I know with him the right opportunities’ will come. I will be able to work for my dream companies such as Sports Illustrated, NASCAR, and one day own a minor league baseball team with my sister. I just know that if God is for me than who can be against me. 

 Living In My Dreams and in Purpose 

Finally! Finally! I am so excited to finally be walking and living on purpose. I have had a passion for sports for a long time. I always thought that I was just a fan of how it made people feel. I have a passion for seeing people happy, being born in the early in the 90s in the Chicago suburbs I was born into a dynasty. My dad was a die-hard Chicago fan and seeing the city when championships and going out in the middle of the night as a toddler pretty much shaped me into the woman I am today. 

As I got older and went to college at Shaw University I decided to work in sports information and with that being said I saw a lot. Being a division two school a lot of student-athletes would come to us if they were in trouble, ineligible, or any other situation. I saw a lot and I invested in them and it was hard for me to see that they didn’t take their education seriously. Instead of giving up I took the chance to get to know them, figure out what it is they wanted to do. I never want to be a person who says someone’s dreams and goals are unrealistic. However, I do know that God has a plan for our lives and most of the time it isn’t what we are expecting and hoping for. 

So, I am so excited to be in a position where I can study, make money, be happy and make a difference. 

I am so excited to be working in Mental Health working with the White House, the NFL, and athletes. 

I thank God because this is everything my heart desires. I am so grateful. 

This is my prayer. 

Jesus, I thank you, for putting me in a place of influence in a place where I can lead by example. Thank you for choosing me to be a person of importance. If I had to do this all over again I would.  I pray that you continue to give me discernment over friendships and relationships. Continue to transform my heart and my mind to accept all that you have for me. God provides me with people that pour into me so I can pour into others. God, continue to order my steps.

 In Jesus Name